Now days, many antiviruses are available in the market or on internet. They all provide internet security to their respective systems and protect them from viruses, malware, adware, rootkies. They also stop loading of unwanted websites on PCs. Smadav antivirus is some bit different than other antivirus because most of the antivirus provide security to their system and don’t allow another antivirus for installing on same operating system. But, Smadav antivirus protects PC along with other antivirus because it is compatible with other antivirus products. So, you can install other antivirus because it allows other antivirus for installing and both will protect your system. It can also scan external memory or USB flashdisk and make it free from viruses. USB flashdisk is the external device which spread viruses and malware from one system to another. Whenever, you insert USB flashdisk in your system, Smadav antivirus will scan it and detect all viruses. In below article, we mentioned main functions of Smadav antivirus and how to perform scanning process on system.

Main functions of Smadav internet security Antivirus

Smadav Antivirus provides so many beneficial functions and protects system from web threats. You can read it and protect your PC with dangerous threats. You can also take support of Smadav Antivirus Customer Support Service.

  • Scan PC viruses and kill them

It has ability to detect viruses or unwanted threats which can harm the system. It detects and kills them completely. Moreover, it can also detect dangerous malwares and remove them.

  • Best for USB or external devices

USB or external media devices are used for transferring data or media files. If your data contains viruses or malware, it can infect other systems or PCs. So, Smadav antivirus uses a latest technology and not only detects the viruses but also help you to remove them from USB or external memory.

  • Protect PC and compatible with other antivirus products

Smadav Antivirus provides additional protection layer to the system and also compatible with other antivirus products. It allows other product to run or install on same platform. User can use more than one security product along with Smadav Antivirus.

  • Increase system performance

Almost all the antiviruses are heavy in size and consume most of the system resources to run properly, but Smadav using small fraction of PC resource and takes about to 5 MB storage memory to install completely. So, it increases system performance.

How to perform scanning process with the help of Smadav Antivirus Help-line Number

You can also perform scanning process on your PC or System with the help of Smadav antivirus product. Here, we are provided some steps which will teach you how to perform scanning process on system. You can also help of Smadav antivirus helpline number. Technicians will guide you and provide valuable information.

  • First, download & install Smadav Antivirus in PC.
  • Launch the antivirus program by clicking on antivirus icon.
  • Click on “Scan” button.
  • Choose scanning type which you will perform in your PC.
  • After selecting, click on “Scan” button.
  • Wait for some time, after that scanning process will be finished.
  • Restart your PC for remove all infected files.

Smadav Antivirus Technical Support Service Phone Number

For removing viruses or infected programs from your PC, you have to perform scanning process on your PC after that it will remove all infected programs. If you will face any problem in scanning process, you can consult with experienced technicians who will help you and provide all beneficial information related to your scanning issues. You can call on Smadav Antivirus Technical Support Service Phone Number. Here, available highly experienced & certified technician will suggest you and provide step by step guidance. So, you can easily remove your problems.