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Qihoo 360 internet Security is a Chinese internet security application that was organized by Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. The company was founded by by Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong in June 2005; it develops the internet security applications for cell phone brands, Personal Computer and Mobile Devices. As on June 2014, the company scored 641 million users presence. Qihoo 360 internets Security holds 70% of the android internet security market, on their official website they stated that in 2013 Qihoo 360 blocks 671,000 newly emergent Android malware and said that this counts of threat is 440% raised from last year. Qihoo 360 constantly alerting the recent threats and security issues reported from the cyber world. Qihoo 360 is integrated with the advance security features like theft notification, GPS tracking, blocking the junk mails, remote device management, real time security system and data wiping.

Qihoo 360 Antivirus

Qihoo 360 is the leading name among top known antivirus software providers. The company has an extensive list of customers using its offered products for securing their mobile and computer devices from unwanted access.

Whenever you’re on the web either on your Mobile or computer device, you are under the control of several kinds of suspicious activities. They can gain access to your system and steal important data & files or make sort of changes with that. So, installing powerful antivirus software can restrict unauthorized access and keep your computer and mobile device secure.

Qihoo 360 Antivirus Customer Support

Qihoo 360 team understands the fact that their users may have to come across certain technical complexities while the use of their offered antivirus software. Therefore, they have made the user-interface of Qihoo 360 easy to get for everyone. However, if you are going trough certain technical issues for example:

  • You are not able to install or uninstall antivirus software;
  • You are not able to scan your device;
  • You are not able to purchase it online;
  • You are not able to fix errors;
  • Your computer has become slow down after installing it;
  • You are not able to update, etc.

If you come across said issues or any other related issue then you may get a solution from Qihoo 360 Antivirus customer support team. For the same, all you need to send a mail describing your query to their support email. Thereafter, the technical support team of Qihoo 360 antivirus will look into your issue and provide solution accordingly in the least possible time.