If you are a using computer in your home or office, you know that sometimes we need some screenshots for different purposes such as saving registration form, capturing on screen instructions, picture of selected area of desktop etc. You can also capture desktop screen with the help of pressing some short keys of keyboard. By pressing these keys, you can take a screenshot of whole system’s desktop easily. But, not selected area or part of desktop. If you want to capture a part or selected area of desktop, you have to help of some software application tools after that you can take a screenshot of selected area. You can also download these software applications from the internet.

What is Lightshot (screenshot tool)?

Lightshot is also a screen capturing tool which can take a screenshot of selected area of the web browser. It provides the fastest way to take customizable screenshot of browser display. For capturing selected area of browser display, you can just a click on Lightshot icon available on the toolbar or status bar of system browser. After capturing screenshot, you can easily save it in your system or can also upload on server via internet. It also provides some editing functions. So, you can edit or modify photos or screenshots. It takes light weighted screenshots having high picture quality. Using picture editing tools, you can also enhance quality and makes it more beautiful. Those users who want to know more about the Lightshot tool. They can read all beneficial features mentioned below in the article. You can also call on the Lightshot Customer Support Phone Number available round the clock for more information of Lightshot.

Lightshot Customer Helpline Phone number

Lightshot is an easy and convenient screenshot tool which allows you to make screenshots of browser desktop, video and also flash. You can also edit or upload them on server. Lightshot Customer Helpline phone number is the way by which you can contact with Lightshot Customer Support helpline team. It will help you to resolve some glitches in Lightshot (screenshot tool). You can read more about the Lightshot utility features. So here, we mentioned some beneficial features of Lightshot.

Some key Features of Lightshot screenshot capture Tool

Lightshot screenshot capturing tool provides some other features by which you can edit or modify screenshots. After capturing screenshot, you can also upload it on server.

  • Fast & light screenshot capturing tool

Lightshot is a browser capturing tool which captures selected area of browser screen by applying double clicks. It takes very light weighted screenshot with high resolution quality, so you can also apply zooming on it without distorting picture quality.

  • Easy to use tool

It is a user-friendly utility tool, so you can easily capture browser display by hitting screen capturing button available on the status bar of browser.

  • Upload & share screenshots via internet

It also provide beneficial feature of uploading screenshot on internet directly. You can capture desktop display and directly upload on server via internet and also download it later.

  • Support various platforms

You can use it on various platforms because it supports many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows / Mac along with some web browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox. So, you can use it anyone of them.

Lightshot Technical Support Number for resolving problems

Lightshot is a software program. So, it also faces some technical problems such as how to take a screenshot, How to select location path of screenshots, how to remove Lightshot from the browser, what types of image formats it supports, what hotkeys does Lightshot have. To remove all these glitches Lightshot Technical Support is a good platform, you can visit on it. If you are facing any technical problems in your Lightshot screenshot tool, you can contact with Lightshot Technical Support Service via mail or voice call. The team will provide all valuable information related to Lightshot utility application.