Internet Download Manager is software for downloading document files and videos from the internet. It supports many file formats such as video, audio, zip file, winrar, pdf, doc file etc. Moreover, it can also download applications setup files and software. It supports so many different file formats and works faster or easier. But, there is a problem in it that it supports only Microsoft Windows operating system but not macOS.

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is a downloading tool and helps to download most of the files from the internet. It downloads files faster than another downloader because it uses full bandwidth and divides downloading the file into several parts and each part download separately. After downloading all part it merges them and converts into a single file. It also supports many proxy servers such as firewall, HTTP protocols, FTP, MP3 audio and MPEG video processing along with different OS of Microsoft Windows (XP/NT/vista/7/8/8.1/10).

Note- Current version of IDM supports Microsoft windows on the computer, but doesn’t support Mac, Android, iPhone / iPod or Linux and UNIX version.

How to download YouTube videos by using Internet Download Manager?

You can easily download YouTube videos by using IDM downloader. You can open a video on YouTube and copy the URL of the video. Paste in the IDM URL bar and click on Download button. Your video will start to download.

How to contact Internet Download Manager Customer Helpline Support service?

IDM is a platform for downloading videos and audio files from YouTube or internet. Most of the persons are using it in their system and take benefits of its services. Sometimes, we face different problems in IDM software. So, we should contact IDM experts. They will provide information about the IDM. Here, you can read different mode of contacting by which you can contact with experts.

  • IDM Customer phone number

For any issues related to IDM software, you can call on IDM customer support helpline service. Here, available technicians will pick up the call and provide easy solutions.

  • IDM email address for sending emails

You can also send a mail on IDM customer service mail address. You will get a valuable solution within 1-2 days.

  • With the help of social media

Social media is also a good platform for technical help. You can drop a post with your IDM related problem. After posting, you will get many solutions to IDM problem through the comment box. You can select any one and apply to your IDM software. Hope, your software will work correctly after applying the solution.

How to temporary disable Internet Download Manager?

Sometimes, it is necessary to disable Internet Download Manager (IDM) because we want to download a file with the help of system browser downloader. If you want to download the file from browser downloader, it will stop you and can’t allow downloading. Then, you have to temporary disable IDM downloader. You can also disable your IDM after following these steps.

  • Navigate in IDM options and click on “General” tab in IDM dialog window.
  • It will show all browsers list which is supported by IDM. You can uncheck the checkbox available in front of the browser which you are currently using for downloading the file.
  • You can also use another method for downloading files from the browser.
  • Click on “File Types” tab and it will show a list of file formats which IDM supports, so you can easily edit this information by clicking on “Edit list…
  • Remove file format which you want to stop for downloading.

How to resolve IDM problems with the help of IDM Technical Support?

IDM are also facing problems same as other software. So, you should dial a contact number of IDM technical support Service for getting more information. Here, we mentioned some general problems of IDM downloader. So, you can read them and find a valuable solution, if there is any problem in your IDM.

  • IDM not working correctly.
  • IDM is not downloading videos.
  • I can’t copy video link for IDM.
  • How to download the video by using YTD software?
  • How to remove IDM downloader?
  • How to download YouTube video using IDM?
  • My IDM is not updating automatically.

If users are facing these types of problems in their IDM, they can consult with IDM technical support service. The team of technicians will provide all information about the problem.