Top Features of iCloud Application iCloud Technical Support Number

About The Application: I cloud is a cloud storage and computing service application that developed by Apple Inc. Apple Launched its application on October, 12, 2011. Currently Icloud acquired more than 450 million subscribers. The application is available for download in OS X (Unix-based graphical interface operating systems), Microsoft windows 7 and IOS 5. Here we are adding some of the outstanding features of I cloud application. Additionally, for technical support and assistance contact the I iCloud Customer Service Phone Number.

Features Of I cloud application

Storing Media

Icloud helps to store the media files such as music, photos, applications, documents, reminders and gallery files.

Files Back up Feature

Icloud allows its users to backup their files in IOS running devices. File backup feature, helps to keep backup of your data daily when the device is connected to Wi-Fi (or) any other internet connectivity available times.

Find My Friends

This feature is quite similar to find my iPhone. Find my friend is a social networking feature in I Cloud, where the users can share their location with the friends or family members who are engaged in that circle.  The main benefit of this ‘Find My Friend’ feature is the users will get alerts when the device arrives at a certain location.

I cloud Photostream

As the name implies, I cloud Photostream is an incredible feature that helps to store the images. Through the I-cloud photostream, a user can save up to 1, 000 photos on the I cloud server Up To 30 days without any external storing rentals.  It functioned in this way: if you are clicking a photo from a photostream enabled device, it automatically uploaded photo to the cloud server and from the cloud server it pushed to the users registered devices.

I cloud Storage Feature

I Cloud Incredibly offer 5 GB storage space to its free categorized users. Additionally, users can also upgrade to the premium version where they get the storage features 20GB, 200GB, 500GB or 1TB

I Cloud Technical Support:  I Cloud support is available through its help center.  You can out numerous queries and it’s frequently answered queries in its help center page. So, if you having any issues in I cloud, just enter the relevant keyword in the search bar that enabled at the top of that page. Based on your search Criteria, you will get accurate results. Apart this, you can also connect to the independent  i- cloud technical support center, which exactly a best way to resolve the issue in less time.

icloud Support Phone Number & Details

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