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In the age of this technology world, every one is quite aware from what is internet and web surfing. Presently we all are using this technology in our day to day activities whether it is for home or office use. Email application is also the part of internet technology and is used for easy communication and data transmission. In this era having an email account is as much necessary as having a home address. So if you are not having any email account yet then this is time to made one. Now first thing that maycomes in your mind is in which web email platform is better to with registered an email account and how to create an email account with that one? So the answer for connecting with best email platform is gmail. It is the email service of Google and was launched in 2004.

Gmail offers amazing features related to emailing and other web services. The main reason behind the popularity and success of gmail is considered as huge space offered by it. Besides this it also provides many other excellent features such as spam filtering, strong security, fastest speed and synchronization with other Google web services like You Tube, hangouts, google maps, play store, navigation and much more. Now if you are wondering how you can set up gmail account? Then pay attention! Creating gmail account is very simple and will not take much time.

To set up a gmail account you need to follow below steps:

  • First of all open the link of gmail website and click on “create an account” icon below the login page.


  • Now you have to provide username that will become your email address of gmail. You need to choose user name very carefully because once you set your username, you will never change it further and it should be unique. If your user name is not available, you can also try some numeric function with it.


  • Complete the rest of required information like enter your birth date, first name, last name, phone number, gender, country name and confirmation email address.


  • Provide some strong email password in the box of “create a password”


  • Type the right captcha code that appears on your web page. If you are unable to read it then click on refresh button and you will get another one.


  • Now click on the “I agree” check box that is the privacy policy of google terms and conditions. Select your location below the check box button.


  • Now click on next. It will take you to Google + profile page which is social network media. Here you can set your profile photo and add more pictures to your account.


  • Now completing all these steps you can log on to your email account to activate it.