Irfanview software is good for the graphical viewer. It is first graphical viewer software in worldwide and provides so many features to their users. It is developed only for non-commercial purposes and available free of cost for the persons who are using it for social works such as schools, library, museums, universities or for humanitarian purposes. It is not for commercial or business users, if they want to use it, they have to purchase it from the internet. It provides lots of features to their users such as lossless JPG pictures rotation, Unicode support, slideshow, multipage TIF editing, file search, emailing, multimedia player, print option, scan, change color depth etc. For more information, users can read all these features in below article. For more valuable features, they can also take the support of Irfanview Customer Support Service phone number.

Beneficial features of Irfanview graphical viewer software

Here, we have mentioned some important features of Irfanview software. Users can read them and perform in their system. Its working capacity is good and can support both 32 and 64 bits applications, so you can easily access it in any application of 32 or 64 bits.

  • Multi-language support

Irfanview graphical viewer supports different language. So, you can select a language which is suitable for you from the list of different languages.

  • Paint Option

You can make a new paint or design because it supports paint and provides all painting tools which will help you in designing.

  • Adobe Photoshop filters

It also supports Adobe Photoshop filters and makes the picture more beautiful after performing filter technique.

  • File search

It also allows users to search any file in Irfanview database. It uses quickly and the first algorithm and shows required file within time. So, you can easily open the files.

  • Change color depth

Users can also change color depth by pressing color modifying tool. It will make the picture more attractive.

  • Slideshow

Slideshow means moving of picture sequentially after scheduling time.

  • Many plug-ins

It also supports many different plug-ins which makes tasks easier.

  • Screen capturing

In this facility, you can take the screenshot of system desktop display. You can also edit this screenshot by using Irfanview paint tool.

  • Watermark facility

It also provides watermark facility. So, you can attach a watermark to application home screen.

Here, we mentioned many latest features of Irfanview software; users can also know more features and necessary information about Irfanview graphical viewer, they can take help of Irfanview customer Support phone number. Customer Supporters will provide more information about its valuable features.

 Irfanview Customer Support Helpline Phone number

The customer Support helpline phone number is a good trick to take the support of Irfanview graphical viewer software. Customers can know more about Irfanview software and some additional software same as Irfanview. They can also resolve all the problems such as how to work with Irfanview, installing and subscription problems, Irfanview not working properly etc. They can contact via helpline phone number. Irfanview Customer helpline Support will provide all necessary information related to customer’s problems.

 Irfanview Technical Support Number 

Some of the users don’t know what the technical problems in software are. Technical problems in system software are that problems which we can’t solve without the support of technicians. It may be system related or may be software related problems. So, if users are facing these problems and can’t fix themselves, they can contact with experienced technicians of Irfanview. Technicians catch your problems and provide all valuable solution related to these problems for resolving them.