Given are 3 ways to contact Yahoo Team

Yahoo Help Desk

If you are stuck in between technical issues and want to reach Yahoo customer service then the best option you have is contacting their help desk. All you need to reach out the page and tell them your issues. You can expect quick solution of your issue over there. There are two more options available to contact Yahoo.

Yahoo Phone Number

For your information, Yahoo doesn’t have its support number which create problem for its users.

Yahoo Live Chat

If you want to reach customer service through Live Chat then we are sorry for you. Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn’t support live chat facility.

Yahoo Contact Information

We have explained three methods above if you are concerned about how to contact Yahoo. We do have explained their phone number and live chat facilities. It’s you and other customers who decide which option is simpler and faster. Based on the customers’ recommendation you can choose one of the 3 ways to contact Yahoo. I just want to inform you that you can contact Yahoo using social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Web. So, just go ahead and contact the support service as per your need.