Phone Number: 1-888-599-2566
Call Time Just wait and don’t say anything. For Business customers
Talk to Technician: Keep pressing 0 until transferred to an agent
For online help: Compaq Customer Care
Company URL

Here Is the vivid and accurate point out of Compaq customer support details including support phone number, email address and embedded support information. We sincerely tried to keep this information as update as possible, anyhow if it found irrelevant; do let us know; we will fix the error in according to your suggestion. Compaq Computer Corporation is a US based Computer manufacturer organization based in Texas United States. The company was established in 1982, on the initial stage it produced first IBM PC compatible computer and latter on it start developed and designed its own labeled products.  The brand Compaq has its service presence in 28 countries and it gained a total revenue of  $329 million. Here is all about the detailing of Compaq computer support’s concerned details.

Compaq Computer Customer Support

Compaq deals with large number of computer and networking products and services from the period of 1982. It offers many unique models of products for the customers. Here you know some of the features of Compaq which are available and match them according to your need.

  • Its Weight & Size- if you need a note book which is portable then go with model from 3.91 to 6 pounds and from .52 to 2.3 inches thin.
  • It has variety of processor option which is specially designed for mobile computing.
  • It has greater amount of RAM up to 4GB of RAM.
  • Its hard drive capacity is good as compare to other. It means more GB in your hard drive, more data, files and information you can easily store without any interruption.

Compaq Computer also offers best customer support for those users who have any kind of issue regarding this. Just follow the post below to make you trouble free.

Compaq Computer Customer Support through Phone

It doesn’t matter what type of issue you have, just dial the number and explore the unique support which is offered by the technical experts. 24*7 they handle your queries and trouble shoot your all problems in an effective way.

Compaq Computer Customer support through Community Forum

Here you have to share your problem in Community forum of Compaq computer. After that you receive the solution with different experts. In case if you didn’t get the phone number then go with this community forum option.