About Yahoo Email

Yahoo mail is a free web based mail that developed by Yahoo Inc in 1997. Yahoo launched this webmail in 1997, that after the one year of launching the Microsoft’s Hotmail. In the very beginning itself, the mail has achieved spectacular user’s attention, which gained because of its wider array of Features. Yahoo ported its Beta version “Yahoo Mail Classic” to standard Ajax interface version in 2005. On that updated version it made some tremendous improvements in customization section, security and various other embedded features integration. However, Yahoo engineers also heard some criticism in this new version were in its display, design and the layout. Latter to the end of December, yahoo’s technical support team fixes all such complaints.  According to comsore (an internet analytical organization) survey, yahoo mail is ranked as the third largest webmail platform, with 350 million users. Yahoo Email Customer Service

As Comparing with the other webmail, the mail yahoo offers most applicable features in messaging, security and privacy. See one instance about its storage option, Yahoo mail offering 1 TB email storage capacity and the email attachment limit is 25 MB. Users can utilize this 1TB storage for saving files in the mail drives, flickr etc. This storage option is too enough for a normal user, also the subscribers can upgrade their version to a premium for getting more features in Domain customization and increasing the storage.

Yahoos’ mail securing policy is good and it comparatively found better than other webmail. Yahoo has an integrated system namely “Unsubscribe and Remove Me” feature that helps to protect the mail from spam and other mailing vulnerabilities. In 2006, yahoo mail collaborates with AOL Mail Corporation and it introduces a feature called “Certify” mail to check the authenticity outgoing mails, then after again on 2011 it introduces a mail filtering feature to protect the webmail that comes from unsolicited sources. This exactly works as like Gmail’s mail filtering system.

Benefits of Yahoo Email Customer Service

Where in the yahoo technical support You can resolve the common mailing issues in account sign up, recovering yahoo mail password, resetting of yahoo password, configuration of yahoo mail with mobile application (or) webmail client, resolving sending and receiving issues in messaging, adding the extra layers of firewall security, recovering a forgotten yahoo mail password and fixing the issues in account configuration. The service extensions are live in 24X7X365 days, based on the location preference the users can choose the desired toll-free number for resolving yahoo issues. For an instance, if you are belonging to United States, you can choose the yahoo US support extension for getting talking to the live technician. The average waiting time of Yahoo support phone number for connecting the live technician is 45 Minutes.
A drawback that we’ve notices that these support extensions might not be practicable for some users. The principal reason is the long-waiting time, as notified earlier; the average waiting time for getting the yahoo technician is 45 minutes and for some busy mailers, this long duration is not at all acceptable. For those ones, we are recommending to visit the yahoo help center page or else seek the support from an independent mail technical support.

How to contact yahoo support by phone?

The situation has become really horrible when we come in need to contact with local vendors for technical assistance for our Yahoo account. Moreover the service charge of local vendors gives massive stress on our mind as well as pocket. Yahoo account suffers from technical complexities may cause wonder loss for business professionals as today email is given foremost preference by them for their business related communication. Yahoo issues depend upon user to user. Some users have security or spam mails issues whereas some are troubling from password related issues such as I forget my yahoo password, what is the helpline number, how to contact Yahoo support by phone etc. After coming at a moment they have become frustrated and start seeking for Yahoo customer service helpline number in order to resolve those queries as soon as possible. If you are also troubling from the same situation but don’t know how to contact Yahoo support by phone then well this article may help you.

So from now don’t be panics if any technical complexity occurs suddenly with your Yahoo account as the online specialists are always ready to assist you in best possible way. All you need to dial the Yahoo support helpline number. You will not have to wait for getting the resolution of your particular query.

Yahoo Email Customer Support / Service Contact Details

Phone Number: 1-888-599-2566
Call Time Average Wait: 22 mins — Mon-Fri: 6am – 6pm PT
For online help: help.yahoo.com
Company URL http://www.yahoo.com

Above all a vital benefit of yahoo mail is it is offers direct technical support. Yahoo’s mail assistance can be available from its technical support number and that is really a good way to fix the issue in time. We are sure that none of the other main stream webmail organization is offering direct technical support to its end users.. and that is the reason why yahoo mail maintains such a constant growth in terms of mailers count.